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AIIC academic decorum is the invaluable cultural richness of our veteran faculties who hail from across the globe. Their wealth of multi-level educational merits from renowned universities of the world, instills, a collaborative methodology in areas of teaching, scholarship, and research. A variety of innovative and creative teaching techniques include; discussions, practical work, peer tutoring, problem- solving, projects, role- playing exercises, and computer-assisted programs. Some of their brilliant breakthrough publications have won global appreciation

Liberia Palazzo Digital Library

Here is a fully automated library built with RFID technology, which does not need a librarian. This state of art library transports the students into a world of knowledge enriching their learning and civilized wisdom. Our trending digital learning resources comprise a vast collection of digitized books, reference manuscripts, e magazines, and journals. A vast collection of subject and course specific university notes are referred utilizing graphics, text, and video technology by the students in their academic and intellectual pursuit.

Academic Amenities

Our technologically refined arena offers our students access to leading technology, from high-tech laboratories to state of the art classroom with interactive smart screens and live online- classes from top university professionals from all over the word. A computer lab equipped with more than hundred (100) latest top model computer systems connects with the computing network on the main site. This provides fast wi-fi access to the on-site computer room for e-mail, printing, access to library databases, and departmental based computing services. Each support measure transforms our students into top-notch challengingly successful personality.

Learning Resource Centre

AIIC learning resources are rated first class, helping the students in their academic and intellectual pursuit. Behind the brilliant researches are brilliant thinkers, who connect with our range of resources housed here like the reference manuscripts, contemporary magazines, journals and newspapers, a vast collection of subject and course specific university notes and also materials for the study of English language. Computers with fast wi-fi access are available for use during the library hours.

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